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Delphi stuff to read but not gotten around to March 2013 (Google Cache of Above)

Storing application data in Windows XP and higher

Selec All Code:1   And I call it with GetSpecialFolder(CSIDL_APPDATA) Where the list of CDISL is defined here. GetSpecialFolder(CSIDL_APPDATA) returns C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming in Windows List of CDISL available at Most useful ones will probably be… CSIDL_APPDATA FOLDERID_RoamingAppData Version 4.71. The file system directory that serves as a common repository for application-specific data. A typical path is C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data.… Read More »

Delphi & Crystal Reports – Steves way

Choose Type Library “Crystal Report Control” (version 5.2 on my system) – CRYSTL32.OCX Gives me TCrystalReport If you get a complaint during compling saying it can’t find Crystal_TLB go to the PROJECT OPTIONS, click Delphi Compiler then add “E:\My Programs\Delphi2010\[packages]\TCrystalReport” to Search Path.

TListView info

This info is C orientated but you can figure it out! Start a new application with its default form From the Win32 tab of the Component Palette, double-click the ListView control. Change the Height of the ListView1 control to 200 and its Width to 350 Double-click an empty area on the form and implement the… Read More »