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Idiots guide to getting started in git

A new repo from scratch Create a directory to contain the project. Go into the new directory. Type git init. Write some code. Type git add to add the files Type git commit. A new repo from an existing project Say you’ve got an existing project that you want to start tracking with git. Go into the directory containing… Read More »

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Git for steve the idiot

Add git to an existing project Create a new repo on bitbucket cd to project you wish to git… # cd /usr/local/www/apache24/data/project123 # git init Initialized empty Git repository in /usr/local/www/apache24/data/project123/.git/ # git remote add origin # git add . # git status # git commit -m “First commit” # git push origin master Add 2nd machine… Read More »

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Excel VBA Search in a Range

Define a Range in Excel by selecting a series of records and entering a name in the NameBox Public Function IsInRange(RangeName As String, FindString As String) Dim Rng As Range With Sheets(“Ranges”).Range(RangeName) Set Rng = .Find(What:=FindString, _ After:=.Cells(1), _ LookIn:=xlValues, _ LookAt:=xlWhole, _ SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _ SearchDirection:=xlPrevious, _ MatchCase:=False) If Not Rng Is Nothing Then ‘Application.Goto… Read More »

Setting up subversion This is what you used on 22/02/2012 to setup Subversion server on Company Web Server. Further information available at Inital Crib Sheet SVN Client for Windows

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