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A Blank SUSDB Database for WSUS 3.0 SP2 & Size Information

Initial SUSDB.mdf file after a virgin installation was 8,340KB During the initial setup of WSUS it goes away and downloads update information from Microsoft Update (You press Start Connecting and wait quite a while). After this process completes, but before you pressed next the size of SUSDB.mdf was 35,008 KB. A backup of a SUSDB taken… Read More »

Using WSUS to keep Adobe software up to date Adobe Products Reader – Flash –      

Error 800B0001 and using a WSUS?

Short version Download and install (avoid rebooting if required, doesn’t seem to effect the effectiveness of the hotfix) sc stop WsusService iisreset /stop iisreset /start sc start WsusService Longer version BACKGROUND: Every machine I install the lastest Windows Update Agent on results in a 800B0001 error when getting updates “FROM YOUR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR” but have no problems when… Read More »

WSUS Best Practices & Cleanup info

Best Practices with Windows Server Update Services 3.0 Geek of All Trades: 6 Tips for 100 Percent WSUS Compliance What to do when your WSUSContent folder grows too large Scripts WSUS Cleanup <- Using adapted version here WSUS Cleanup v2 Script PoshWSUS   WSUS: How to change the location where WSUS stores updates locally wsusutil.exe movecontent… Read More »