How to change a licence number in all AVG clients

By | March 29, 2011

If you would like to change a license number for all computers in the network, please do the following:

  • Run AVG Admin Console.
  • From the left navigation tree select Licenses -> Shared settings.
  • Double-click “Shared settings” option in the Shared settings area.
  • Fill the new license number and press Enter key.
  • Right-click the “Shared settings” option and from context menu select “Mandatory”.
  • Ask all stations for synchronization (select all needed stations and click on some of them by right mouse button, then please select the “Synchronize settings” option).
  • Restart of clients’ stations is recommended after this change.

Please let us inform you, that if you use also AVG Email Server Edition and this e-mail server is connected to the AVG Remote Administration as well, it is needed to create a special group for your e-mail server and do not change license numbers in “Shared settings”  but for group of stations. If you use AVG Network Edition license number on your e-mail server, the e-mail server edition functionality will not be supported.

Note: When reactivating AVG in your network with the new AVG License Number, please do not forget to enter the new AVG License Number also into the AVG Admin Server. Using the expired AVG License Number in Admin Server would limit the funtionality of the Remote Administration (centralized updates, management of stations, etc.).

You can reactivate the AVG Admin Server with the new AVG License Number as follows: Run the AVG Admin Server Monitor -> Server settings -> General tab -> Click on the Change button.