Setting maximum memory limits on SQL embedded instances

By | January 10, 2014

Open up SQL Server Management Studio, connect to \\.\pipe\mssql$microsoft##ssee\sql\query, right click the server and click Properties. Set the Max Server Memory to 256.


Recommendations for the usual suspects…

Instance Tried and tested Max Limit
microsoft##ssee 256mb
WSUS 256mb
SBSMonitoring 70mb
SharePoint Unknown – Not been brave enough to tweak this. Seen 384mb as a suggestion.Set Abstrakt to 256 10-01-2014. Note, they dont’t sure Sharepoint. If it wasn’t bundled with SBS it wouldn’t been installed!
BACKUPEXEC 256mb (Set Abstrakts to 256mb 10-01-2014 – We’ll see how it goes?)

Windows 2003 SBS? Might be worth checking our