Helpful RunAs Commands

By | February 4, 2014

Control Panel Tools

You can access any of the Control Panel Tools by using RunAs against the control.exe file and the associated CPL app. For this you can use the local PC administrator account or a network account with workstation admin rights.
Example: Add/Remove Programs
runas /user:_ADMINACCT_ “control.exe appwiz.cpl”

Other Options:
Accessibility Controls: control.exe access.cpl
Add Hardware Wizard: control.exe hdwwiz.cpl
Add/Remove Programs: control.exe appwiz.cpl
Administrative Tools: control.exe admintools
Automatic Updates: wuaucpl.cpl
Date and Time Properties: timedate.cpl
Direct X control.exe Panel: directx.cpl
Display Properties (w/Appearance Tab Preselected): control.exe color
Display Properties: control.exe desktop
Display Properties: control.exe desk.cpl
Folders Properties: control.exe folders
Fonts: control.exe fonts
Game Controllers: control.exe joy.cpl
Internet Properties: control.exe inetcpl.cpl
Java control.exe Panel (If Installed): jpicpl32.cpl
Keyboard Properties: control.exe keyboard
Mouse Properties: control.exe main.cpl OR control.exe mouse
Network Connections: control.exe ncpa.cpl OR control.exe netconnections
Network Setup Wizard: control.exe netsetup.cpl
ODBC Data Source Administrator: control.exe odbccp32.cpl
Password Properties: control.exe password.cpl
Phone and Modem Options: control.exe telephon.cpl
Power Configuration: control.exe powercfg.cpl
Printers and Faxes: control.exe printers
Quicktime (If Installed): control.exe QuickTime.cpl
Regional Settings: control.exe intl.cpl
Scanners and Cameras: control.exe sticpl.cpl
Scheduled Tasks: control.exe schedtasks
Screen Saver Panel: control.exe DESK.CPL ,@ScreenSaver
Security Center: control.exe wscui.cpl
Sounds and Audio: control.exe mmsys.cpl
System Properties: control.exe sysdm.cpl
User Account Management: control.exe nusrmgr.cpl
Windows Firewall: control.exe firewall.cpl

NON Control.exe Commands
Date/time applet, Time Zone tab: RUNDLL32 SHELL32.DLL,Control_RunDLL TIMEDATE.CPL,@0,1
Desktop applet, Screensaver tab: RUNDLL32 SHELL32.DLL,Control_RunDLL DESK.CPL,@0,1
Network applet, Adapters tab: RUNDLL32 SHELL32.DLL,Control_RunDLL NCPA.CPL,@0,3
Network applet, Protocols tab: RUNDLL32 SHELL32.DLL,Control_RunDLL NCPA.CPL,@0,2
System applet, Environment tab: RUNDLL32 SHELL32.DLL,Control_RunDLL SYSDM.CPL,@0,2

Other Possible Uses

Elevate Permission to Stop/Restart Services
runas /user:_ADMINACCT_ “mmc.exe \”services.msc\””
Shutdown a PC from the Command Prompt
runas /user:_ADMINACCT_ “shutdown -s -t 0”

Restart a PC from the Command Prompt
runas /user:_ADMINACCT_ “shutdown -r -t 0”

Elevate Permissions to Edit the Registry
runas /user:_ADMINACCT_ “regedit.exe”

Elevate Permissions to run CMD commands
runas /user:_ADMINACCT_ “cmd.exe”

Elevate Permissions to Run Network Admin CMD commands
runas /user:domain\_ADMINACCT_ “cmd.exe”

Elevate Permissions to Modify Local Policy
runas /user:_ADMINACCT_ “mmc.exe \”gpmc.msc\””

Elevate Permissions to View Security Events
runas /user:_ADMINACCT_ “eventvwr.exe”

Elevate Permissions to Manage Network Computers
runas /user:domain\_ADMINACCT_ “mmc.exe \”compmgmt.msc\””

Elevate Permissions to Manage Network Computers
runas /user:domain\_ADMINACCT_ taskmgr.exe