Redirected to KB2497281 when attemping to access Windows Update

By | November 3, 2011

I kept getting redirected to when attempting to get to on a PC which has just has SP3 installed.

I needed to update the Windows Update Agent to get access



In this particular instance, the Client Diagnostic Tool tells us exactly what we need to know. The WUAgent version 5.4.3790.5512 is a very specific build that shipped with the Windows XP Service Pack 3 installation media, and the only known way that this build can get installed is if the scenario described in KB956708 occurs, to wit a fresh XP Service Pack 2 system was immediately updated to Service Pack 3 using media.

The appropriate steps for repairing this issue are provided in the KB article.

The KB Article doesn’t say much – but the fact it seems to happen when upgrading to SP3 direct from SP2 was interesting…


(You’ve left a copy on your NAS in \Shared\SOFTWARE\Operating Systems – Service Packs & Patches – 10th Dec 2015)